Reconstruction was founded with the intention of assembling an unparalleled team of global coaches and therapeutic professionals.

Today we are proud to bring together a team of experts, who with their combined experience and fiery commitment,
work hard to find solutions that work. 

We know that change is built with a strong team from the ground up, with the best results being those that last.
We believe that everyone deserves a chance to live free of the things that have been holding them back and we know this can be hard to achieve alone. 

Dane Ensley

Dane Ensley is a leader in mental health coaching and founder of Reconstruction Unlimited. Ensley has worked as a coach for the world's leading interventionists and has traveled the world working with a broad spectrum of clients. 

Dane's encouraging attitude, patience and understanding has allowed him to carve a very distinct path in the wellness industry. His core belief that good things can be born form struggle, is both humbling and motivating. This ethos resonates with all that work with him. 
Dane truly believes that everything good that's ever happened to him, is a direct result of helping someone else. 

Sally Harrington
Director of Case Management

Permanently in the business of service to others, Sally Harrington brings her creativity, inclusivity, and passion to her leadership role at Reconstruction Unlimited

Sally earned her first-class midwifery degree and developed a focus in bereavement and birth trauma in the fields of obstetrics at Oxford Brooks University in England. 
She is committed to pursuing personal authenticity and advocates truth telling within her position as case manager. 

Brandon McArdle
Director of US Operations

Brandon approaches Reconstruction Unlimited with extensive knowledge of the mental health field, which he garnered while working with clients and families as a coach, case manager, and interventionist over the last 13 years.

Over that time, Brandon worked as an independent contractor with many of the well-known and established clinicians, therapists, agencies, consultants, specialists, etc., 
in the space and has an in-depth understanding of the mental health treatment ecosystem.

The Reconstruction directive of “We Help People” resonates with Brandon on a profound and personal level, and that decree informs every step of the business operations.

Understanding that teamwork is a central component of helping people, Brandon is constantly working to optimize our teams and systems' functionality to improve the client and family experience and outcomes.

Paul White
UK Development

Paul is a superstar when it comes to building the relationships necessary for the highly customized structures of support Reconstruction Unlimited offers. 

From his own experience, Paul has a deep understanding of the value in creating connections in recovery. He has a passion for optimizing and nurturing these connections, to give individuals and their families an enriched experience. With his previous professional experience in bespoke menswear, Paul has an unwavering eye for detail. He oversees Reconstruction Unlimited’s business development endeavours 
in the UK and Europe creating ample resource for clients and providers.

Paul loves engaging with the arts, designing and making clothes, music and furniture, alongside running a successful men’s mental health group in his hometown.

Lee Ryan
Mental Health Coach

Lee Ryan works with Reconstruction Unlimited, coaching families and individuals in the pursuit of healthy and enriched lives.  

Lee brings his passion in guiding and mentoring clients as they take action to free themselves form detrimental behavioural patterns. An encouraging environment, a forum for open and honest communication, regular exercise, sound diet and time 
for mindfulness, form the cornerstone fo Lee's approach. 

Lee speaks punjabi, loves boxing and is a former police officer. 

Ryan Pires
Mental Health Coach

Ryan Pires is an experienced mental health coach trained in interventions, trauma sensitivities, codependency, and recovery support. His journey began in 2005 when he overcame a traumatic childhood and personal addiction struggles to embrace a fulfilling life. With a previous career as a professional dancer, Ryan has a unique perspective on helping clients with excessive or unmanageable lifestyles find balance.

As a coach and interventionist, Ryan has worked with public figures, athletes, artists, and executives, addressing issues such as addiction and mental health challenges. 
He creates a tailored approach to each individual's needs and circumstances. 
Ryan's adaptability, trust-building skills, and commitment have been keys to his success.


Commonly Well

Reconstruction Unlimited is excited to collaborate with Commonly Well, a pioneer in recovery intelligence. Commonly Well empowers service providers, investors, and policy-makers with critical client insights and predictive capabilities to drive effective recovery and resilience strategies. Utilizing the evidence-based Recovery Capital Index® (RCI), Commonly Well captures a comprehensive view of an individual’s wellbeing through an automated online survey, meeting the highest standards for clinical data. This data is then transformed into actionable insights, revealing powerful patterns and trends that inform impactful recovery solutions for Reconstruction clients.

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Reconstruction Unlimited is proud to partner with Octaga, a leader in global security solutions. Specializing in Manned, Technical, Maritime, Consultancy, and Training services, Octaga leverages expertise from the UK Special Forces to provide bespoke security strategies. Serving a diverse clientele from small businesses to high net worth individuals and government organizations, Octaga’s solutions are tailored to meet Reconstruction clients specific needs with efficiency and flexibility, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality management in accordance with British Standards EN ISO9001:2015.

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Skylight Psychadelics

Reconstruction Unlimited is proud to partner with Skylight Psychedelics, a trailblazer in modern mental health care. Skylight’s expert medical team specializes in training therapists and facilitating the safe prescription of sublingual ketamine, ensuring its effective use in therapy offices nationwide. Through this collaboration, Reconstruction Unlimited enhances its service offerings with Ketamine Assisted Therapy, providing cutting-edge solutions for clients in need of advanced therapeutic interventions.
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